[BlueBream] ajax chapter finished, tutorial as textfile attached

Justin Ryan jryan at reliefgarden.org
Sun Aug 8 22:06:04 EDT 2010

On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 6:04 PM, Tamer Higazi <th982a at googlemail.com> wrote:
> dear Justin!

Hallo Tamer. :)

> Am 09.08.2010 01:41, schrieb Justin Ryan:
>> Tamer - thanks for this!  If you'd like, I can convert it to STX
>> format while making sure it works for me, and create a patch to the
>> bluebream website's howto area alongside some of the other work I'm
>> doing.
> Please do that, as I do not know how to make that. I would kindly thank you!
> The document is not finished totally!

No worries.  The work in progress will be at bluebream.bitmonk.net, URL soon.

> There must come a sample from my side with
> A) maintemplate to be loaded and a class/template
> B) maintemplate to be loaded and a class/template with nested template,
> catched up by GET parameters.
> in combination with AJAX.

> Slowly I figuered out, how to use ZPT effectively.
> After I am finished with this during this week, I'll start with the next
> issue:
> 1. running bluebream on apache: with mod_wsgi

I can help here as well, I've been meaning to contribute on running
within Apache Passenger as well - a lot of popular, low dollar hosts
like DreamHost use this and I've had Grok/Dolmen and pure BB code
working relatively easily here, though only as proof of concept - it's
relatively slow.

> 2. running bluebream on lighthttp with a wsgi extension

same as above...

typically what I do to do this by hand is to take something like
bin/paster or bin/test which has all of the sys.path modifications,
then at the very bottom, rip out whatever it imports and runs, and put
something like this:

  from zope.app.wsgi import WSGIApplication
  application = WSGIApplication()

It's *slightly* more involved than that, but that's what I can pull from memory.

> + rewrite rules (regular expression IMAO, haven't dealed with that a
> long time.... since my education time)

I have production examples of this as well, if you need.

A lot of these things are taken for granted, it's good we are focusing
on them.  More experienced Zope folks know where to look and are only
slightly inconvenienced by these things not being covered adequately
in the BB docs, but for new users, I imagine it's very frustrating and
a deterrent to using the platform.

More soon!


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