[BlueBream] Exception views, again

Justin Ryan jryan at reliefgarden.org
Mon Aug 16 16:12:22 EDT 2010

>> Also use "deploy.ini" instead of "debug.ini" to start WSGI server.
> Can anyone explain why "debug.ini" is not working when there
> is an exception.  Is this the correct behaviour ?
> I guess it must be due to our WSGI middle-ware:
>  [filter-app:main]
>  # Change the last part from 'ajax' to 'pdb' for a post-mortem debugger
>  # on the console:
>  use = egg:z3c.evalexception#ajax
>  next = zope

The grok docs note this, I have been testing with deploy.ini fwiw.
Instead of a full traceback it just shows a page like, "Server Error:

> We need to document this, so if anyone digg and figure out the details,
> that would be great.


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