[BlueBream] 1.0b4 / community packages / giant buildbot

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Wed Aug 25 12:32:28 EDT 2010

bluebream 1.0b4

The Zope Toolkit 1.0a3 has been released yesterday,
Are you ok for a BlueBream 1.0b4 release tonight?
(tonight means around 10pm UTC)

Could you please make a check? I've made a few changes :

- cleaned up the package list and version file
(btw, are we sure we don't need zope.app.xmlrpcintrospection?)
- fixed the online version checking (minor versions only)
- depend on  ZTK 1.0a3

It would also be nice to fix the permission problem on the "welcome" demo app: 
when we click on "add a sample app", we get a permission error. We should be 
redirected to the login page.

community packages

I've not yet added the community packages, I'm still wondering whether this is 
relevant or not. Grok already has its own list, and I really dont know which 
packages to add and why. We should try to share the list and the tests with 

Nevertheless, I've created a branch with a package list compiled with all the 
emails, and I've separated the working packages. I'm sure most failing packages 
could be fixed quite easily.

what about a Giant Buildbot?

I'm thinking of an alternative solution, which is creating a giant buildbot 
which would test each package against all combinations of its dependencies, and 
with all versions of Python, creating a large multidimensional matrix, from 
which we could automatically extract a working set. (Okay I'm trying to find 
another excuse to play with Numpy :) ).


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