[BlueBream] Fresh project: structure

Baiju M mbaiju at zeomega.com
Thu Feb 25 00:19:54 EST 2010

Hi Ilshad,

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 10:09 PM, Ilshad Khabibullin
<astoon.net at gmail.com> wrote:
> Alternate branch is here now:
> svn.zope.org/repos/main/bluebream/branches/astoon-alternate-templates
> It provides two templates. Base template moved into bluebream_base directory
> (including the last revision from trunk) and added
> bluebream_simple. Therefore we can't merge in future this branch and
> current trunk and we should decide: move this branch to trunk or we not
> need support this branch.

The simple template looks very nice.  I will go ahead and merge your branch
to trunk now.  To release this package, we need to document it.
Either we can do it here:
or in svn: svn+ssh://baijum@svn.zope.org/repos/main/bluebream/website

If the documentation is not completed, whenever I am releasing
the "bluebream" package, I will comment the "bluebream_simple" entry point.
User friendly documentation is *mandatory* to include any package
to BlueBream.

> In summary, I think that bluebream_simple template is OK when user needs
> simple template. Concerning more complex frash projects we should not create
> complext templates. Just need one dedicated package, `start kit', and
> include this package in dependencies.

I think we can create a "bluebream_quickstart" in the same package
which includes
more functionalities by default.  But it should only contain packages
supported by
BlueBream. http://download.zope.org/bluebream/bluebream-1.0a1.cfg

So, there will be three templates:

bluebream (bluebream_base)

> But I would like to caution against developing many packages for
> `bbkit'. It is enough the one package wich provides `quick start' and
> allow:
> - site forlder
> - skin based on z3c.pagelet and z3c.form
> - z3c.configurator and its forms
> - form for zope generation
> - introspector
> - add site-folder form
> - ??
> Note I propose z3c.pagelet and z3c.form and forget macros-based skin
> layers and zope.formlib. Usage two skin layer concepts and few form
> libraries is in the way for advanced users and confuse newcomers. I
> think, in BlueBream, now, we can forget these things (or use it as
> `additional' ).

In fact, I am really tempted to include many community packages.
I already did one package: z3c.testsetup.  Now I have
decided that without documenting the existing packages, we will
not include any more packages to core.  All other packages
will remain as community supported package for 1.0 release.

March 6th is the date for 1.0a2 release.  I will include the
"bluebream_simple" template provided there is enough documentation.

After 1.0a2 release I will make a maintenance branch for 1.0 release.
So, the development can be started for 1.1 release.

Baiju M

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