[BlueBream] Welcome to BlueBream list

Baiju M mbaiju at zeomega.com
Tue Jan 19 00:09:04 EST 2010

Hi All,
         I am happy welcome all Zope developers to BlueBream mailing list.
BlueBream is the new name for "Zope 3" project. The immediate focus of
this project will be writing documentation and creating a better getting
started story. BlueBream 1.0 release will provide an up-gradation path
for Zope 3.4 KGS users.

The idea of new name was wholeheartedly accepted by Zope community:
Zope foundation also recognized this project in the last board meeting:


Website : http://bluebream.zope.org/

Project blog : http://bluebream.posterous.com/

Bug Tracker at launchpad : https://launchpad.net/bluebream

VCS: http://svn.zope.org/bluebream/

Twitter updates: http://twitter.com/bluebream

PyPI page: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/bluebream

Wiki: http://wiki.zope.org/bluebream

IRC Channel: #bluebream at irc.freenode.net :


Google Wave for documentation collaboration :


Baiju M

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