[BlueBream] At least we have some negative responses

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Wed Jan 20 01:18:40 EST 2010

Baiju M пишет:
> Hi All,
>         Today I started collecting negative feedbacks here:
> http://wiki.zope.org/bluebream/NegativeFeedbacks
> I hope we can address those issues ?
1) http://twitter.com/zucchinipants/status/7955083867
"Zope 3 has been renamed "BlueBream". Who are they trying to fool? I 
predict even more inadequate documentation: http://is.gd/6BR9Z"

The same answer that and (3)

2) http://twitter.com/walesmd/statuses/7955481996
"Zope changing it's name to BlueBream? Sounds even more retarded..."

I do not see any problem.

3) http://twitter.com/mrtopf/statuses/7901080717
"I wonder if @bluebream is the mostly the discovery of social media by 
the Zope community. It does not make the sw easier though. #python"

What we make easier by this rebranding? We want people to be easier to 
navigate between zope technologies. Because there are really big mull 
between pure component based framework and that "zope" application.

And BTW, I even happy to see the discovery of social media. If so. 

4) http://twitter.com/flangy/statuses/7880453096
""BlueBream"? That's a pretty terrible name. Or maybe I just don't know 
what a "Bream" is."

Hmm... I don't know. For example, in russian (i.e. my) language word 
"zope" is terrible (consonant to "breech", "buttocks", "nates", "prat" , 
etc.), and "bluebream" rather nice.

5) http://twitter.com/hartym/statuses/7761247484
"Zope3 concepts. I'd love to read between the titles. #bluebream 
#trollevening http://icio.us/3r15ae"

don't understand what he'd in mind, the link is broken.

6) "Most useless introduction video ever" 


I just not understand why marriage music and theme on the whole.

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> Baiju M
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