[BlueBream] a Buildbot for bluebream?

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Thu Jan 21 04:32:11 EST 2010


The french Python user group (afpy) had set up a 64bit buildbot for Zope 3.4, 
and Zope 3.5, which is still there http://zope3.afpy.org/buildbot/
(However there is nothing for the 32bit arch.)

It's not been maintained since the release of Zope 3.4, and I think it can be a 
good idea to update it for bluebream.
I can move it to bluebream.afpy.org DN, and change the strings Zope 3.5 to 

Or should I just change it to ZTK ? Is there a known good set for the ZTK? Is 
the ZTK versionned as such?


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