[BlueBream] bluebream and eclipse (pydev)

Justin Ryan justin.ryan at reliefgarden.org
Fri Jun 4 22:52:22 EDT 2010

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 7:29 PM, Justin Ryan wrote:

> I hate for this to be the only resource, but info on Plone v3 or later
> typically applies, because the Zope Toolkit, which BlueBream is comprised
> of, is key to Plone.
Apologies for a slight to the group. :)

BlueBream is roughly, primarily, somewhat comprised of ZTK, and then a
little bit.  For instance, we recently decided to include z3c.form by
default as its' use is more proliferated than zope.formlib, though both are
commonly used and the new zeam.form is another alternative here.

Point is, probaly 100% of BlueBream packages, if slightly older versions as
of today, are required by Plone.  So, pydev-using Plone developers would
have to solve problems of buildouts and virtualenvs and so on.

If you run into a specific problem or challenge, that may be the best to
post to us rather than just, "How do I use Eclipse PyDev?" at this point.

Though, that is an absolutely appropriate question, IMO, for any Python


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