[BlueBream] SF Bay Unofficial Documentation Sprint

Justin Ryan justin.ryan at reliefgarden.org
Sun Jun 13 00:50:34 EDT 2010


I'm working on a BB documentation sprint with some cohorts local to
the SF Bay.  We have spent some time sorting out a few things for
ourselves which are empty pages in the wiki and community
documentation, so we'd like to at least jot down what we've sorted out
so far and avoid having to sift through grok, z3, etc.. docs and
decode a solution.

A great deal is covered, the main thing I had to dig out was how to
setup a site manager and a pau, which i'm still only about 90%
through, but I know there are some good TODOs like a complete events
list and maybe same for schema..

I believe we will be hosted at an Open-Source company's offices, but
don't want to promise outloud who they are yet.  I'm thinking
Friday/Saturday sometime soon, so that people who can only sprint on
weekends may jump in remotely.

We talked a while back about putting together some demo applications,
I thought maybe if a couple teams of us, or even a handful of us with
one app each, could build the demo apps based on the documentation as
we write it on a projector.  This way, we ensure that it doesn't just
sort of describe something that worked for one person, but we make
sure that all participants are able to build a solution from scratch
using the documentation.

I know of 4 participants so far, I believe we'll have room for more,
and I'd be happy to coordinate with IRC sprinters.

Anyone who can make it is welcome, anyone interested in participating
is welcome to speak up on what timeframe is good for them.  I suspect,
however, that our host will want to be involved and may have some
scheduling concerns of their own.



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