[BlueBream] can't persist

Jim Pharis binbrain at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 14:31:52 EDT 2010

I'm trying out BlueBream 1.0b2 and I'm running into a problem with
Persistent objects. The installation is pretty out of the box at this point.
When I use .\bin\paster shell debug.ini I seem to be able to create
Persistent objects and transaction.commit and changed objects are properly
committed. However, when I start using either .\bin\paster serve debug.ini
or .\bin\paster serve deploy.ini, no matter what I do to Persistent objects
transaction.commit() returns None. I noticed that even if I directly set
obj._p_changed=1 it doesn't work, and if I look at _p_changed right away, I
see its been reverted back to False. What am I doing wrong here?


- Jim
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