[BlueBream] BlueBream release plan

Stephan Richter stephan.richter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 12:00:11 EST 2010

On Monday 01 March 2010, Baiju M wrote:
> Based on this idea, I have created a script here:
> svn+ssh://baijum@svn.zope.org/repos/main/bbkit/trunk/scripts/changes.py
> But I am not satisfied with the result :(  I want something better.
> I have created such a document in the past for Zope 3.3 release:

Oh, I realize that such a script will not give you the final output, but it 
allows you to quickly enumerate the changes of all the packages and then write 
up the high-level changes based on the output of the script.

A script listing the version number changes of each contained package would be 
useful regardless, i.e.

Package           Zope 3.4   BB 1.0
zope.interface    3.4.0      3.6.3
zope.schema       3.2.1      3.8.2

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