[BlueBream] Tutorial Section 5.6.4

Paul Harouff pharouff at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 17:03:51 EST 2010

Where is this second block of code for marker interfaces supposed to go in?

[Note: I use csdb instead of ticketcollector, csdbDataCollector
(schema for 18 data fields) instead of ICollector (just name and
description). Otherwise the code should be identical to the tutorial.]

11<class class=".csdb.Collector">
12  <implements
13     interface="zope.annotation.interfaces.IAttributeAnnotatable"
14     />
15  <implements
16     interface="zope.container.interfaces.IContentContainer"
17     />
18  <require
19     permission="zope.ManageContent"
20     interface=".interfaces.csdbDataCollector"
21     />
22  <require
23     permission="zope.ManageContent"
24     set_schema=".interfaces.csdbDataCollector"
25     />

I put it in csdb.py and got

ZopeXMLConfigurationError:: File "...\configure.zcml", Line 21.4-26.10
SyntaxError: invalid syntax (csdb.py, line 30)

I put it in interfaces.py and got

ZopeXMLConfigurationError:: File "...\configure.zcml", Line 6.4-9.10
SyntaxError: invalid syntax (interfaces.py, line 142)

I put it in configure.zcml and got

ZopeXMLConfigurationError:: File "...\configure.zcml", Line 11.5
ImportError: No module named tc.main.interfaces

I don't understand what this section of the tutorial is trying to do.
Where does this code go? I looked at every file in the main folder and
don't see any file that uses "<class" (i.e., a less than sign with
class tag)


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