[BlueBream] HOWTO: Local Site Manager

Baiju M baiju.m.mail at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 01:55:53 EDT 2010

Hi All,
         I just started writing a new HOWTO:
But I thought, I will give chance to others to finish it ;)

The example given there is a working code (BB 1.0a5)
But it lacks explanation. Anyone want to take it
and make it good HOWTO ?

This HOWTO need more explanation about:

* Local site manager. May be we can also explain about
  component registry in general
* Mention about commonly used local utilities (IAuthentication, IIntIds etc.)
* Show how to use event subscriber to create local site manager
(separate section)
* Mention about ISite and explain why application container need to implement it
  in order to make it as site.
* I think the HOWTO should reccoment  to use `zope.site.interface.IFolder`
  for application container instead of using IContainer together with ISite

Looks like an interesting HOWTO, is it ?  If you want to work on this HOWTO,
please reply to this mail.

Those who want to work on documentation need not to worry about English.
We have many volunteers to help on that, look at these documents now,


It has become *very good* quality now (after many edits and proof-reading).
Thanks to:

- Chris McDonough
- Daniel Nilsson
- Kent Tenney
- Michael Haubenwallner
- Paul Harouff
- Saket Srivastav
- Justin Denney
- Hermann Himmelbauer

So, getting content written is more important.  We want to release
BlueBream 1.0 on May 31st with good documentation, is it ?
Now its only two months for the final release.  Please look at
the other TODO items here:
I need to focus on manual, if others can take care of these HOWTOs,
that would be great.

Baiju M

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