[BlueBream] very quick buildbot report

Marius Gedminas marius at gedmin.as
Wed Mar 31 09:21:35 EDT 2010

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 12:48:22AM +0200, Sebastien Douche wrote:
> Does anybody can help me?
> - Python 2.5
> from twisted.python import compat
> ImportError: No module named python
> http://bluebream.buildbot.securactive.org/builders/za-b10-py2.5.4-64bit-linux/builds/3/steps/test/logs/stdio

I see this buildslave is running Ubuntu 9.10.

Could be you've got python-twisted-bin (but not python-twisted-core)
installed in your system Python?

You can use a virtualenv (with --no-site-packages) to isolate your
buildouts from system Python packages:

  virtualenv --python=python2.5 --no-site-packages jail
  jail/bin/python bootstrap.py
  bin/buildout ...

Install it with sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv if you don't
already have it; I think Ubuntu/Debian's python-virtualenv has a patch
not present in upstream that makes it do the right thing with
Ubuntu/Debian's /usr/lib/python2.x/dist-packages (although that should
matter only for virtualenvs that do want to get site packages).

Some would suggest that you build your own Pythons from scratch.  I'm
not a fan of that approach.

> - Python 2.6
> ImportError: No module named zope.testing.testrunner
> http://bluebream.buildbot.securactive.org/builders/ztk-trunk-py2.6.4-32bit-linux/builds/3/steps/test/logs/stdio

I see this buildslave is running Debian Lenny.

Again, maybe something in system python?

I'd be inclined to manually try

  python2.6 -m pdb /srv/buildbot/slave/bluebream/ztk-trunk-py2.6.4-32bit-linux/build/bin/test-ztk-zope.testing

then, when it breaks, look at

  (pdb) p zope.testing.__file__

> - Python 2.7
> http://bluebream.buildbot.securactive.org/builders/ztk-trunk-py2.7a4-32bit-linux/builds/2/steps/test/logs/stdio

zope.testing.testrunner's doctests do *nasty nasty* stuff with
regexp renormalizers, trying to make the tracebacks for different
versions of Python look the same.  Those are a *pain* to debug.

Maybe somebody has and it would be sufficient to update to a newer
zope.testing (3.9.3 is the latest one; buildbot is now trying 3.8.7).

zope.formlib depends on __repr__ of builtin exceptions, it changed in
Python 2.7.  A renormalizer could maybe help.

zope.proxy depends on the message of a TypeError; again, a renormalizer
would help.

zope.exception: likewise, the appearance of the SyntaxError is different
in 2.7.  A renormalizer would not help in this case, as this is a unit

Only four packages failing?  Amazing.  Did someone already work on
Python 2.7 compatibility?  The remaining failures shouldn't be too hard
to fix.

Marius Gedminas
IBM motto: "TEN vowels? Don't you know vowels are scrd?"
		-- Linus Torvalds
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