[BlueBream] detaching BlueBream from most of zope.app.*

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon May 3 16:19:54 EDT 2010

Hi there,

Does BlueBream intend to maintain the ZMI? If not, then I thikn there's 
now a way to detach BlueBream from most of zope.app.* (at least for new 
projects. Zope 3 projects that want to upgrade to BB would need the 
zope.app.* packages until the code can be updated).

We worked this out for Grok but I thought I'd sketch it out here.

Grok now needs of zope.app.* only:


I think BlueBream could also be set up to only use this set of packages.

In order to do this, the main thing we had to do was dump the dependency 
on zope.app.zcmlfiles and zope.app.testing. To replace 
zope.app.zcmlfiles you simply need to write a biiig ZCML file for the 
standard BlueBream app (or some BlueBream library package) that includes 
all the required ZCML. This ZCML should not need to include any 
zope.app.* packages except the ones above, and of course the required 
zope.* packages.

Replacing zope.app.testing: we've done the work for you in the 
zope.app.* packages above (I think we still have an test dependency on 
it in zope.app.http, the rest is free of it too). If you want to use 
functional tests you can rewrite your tests to use the 
zope.app.wsgi.testlayer infrastructure. This also includes a way to use 
zope.testbrowser without zope.app.testing, through WSGI.

Anyway, I thought this was a cool development and wanted to share this 
with the BlueBream people so that they can hopefully use this too.



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