[BlueBream] browser resource with same name for sub packages

Joe Steeve js at hipro.co.in
Sat May 28 14:18:40 EDT 2011

On Fri, 2011-05-27 at 15:49 +0200, Thomas Massmann wrote:
> It's always a good idea to name your resources and/or resource
> directories by your package, e.g. ++resource++my.package1 and
> ++resource++my.package2. 
> But if you want to have the same resource names for different parts of
> your application you might want to use different browser layers. So
> you can register one general resource 'static' and then register
> another one with the same name within your second package for a custom
> browser layer. This browser layer will then be registered for or
> injected at special locations within your application.

Is there some way to make bluebream complain if there are two
registrations of a resource with the same name?

Joe Steeve
HiPro IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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