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Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Fri Feb 10 04:53:24 UTC 2012

On 2/9/12 3:26 PM, Miguel Beltran R. wrote:

    I agree too. I have a small site wrote in Zope2 that maybe could be easier
    to maintain if I change it to new paradig like BlueBream (ZTK) or maybe not.

I am curious what kinds of maintenance do you think you will be doing?  What is it about BlueBream that makes it more attractive than sticking with Zope 2?  For me it is the replaceable security model.  I want security declarations on the class, not on the instance variables. Zope 2 had way too many security check boxes to click on, no centralized way to make massive changes.   I am a developer, not an end user.  

> The truth is BlueBream scare me because I used to use ZMI (dtml-method,
> small python scripts, page template).
Thank you for the great feedback.  I tend to focus on the complex
applications, multiple roles, and complex schemas, rather than the
simple ones.  I think that there are a number of experienced Z2 TTW
users, early adopters who would go with BlueBream if it provided the
basics TTW.  So would you use something with dtml-methods, page
templates, restricted python and acquisition.   Would that meet your
needs?  Do you need anything else?

So I fired up the ZMI   from Zope 3.4.0c1.   It includes DTML, File,
Folder, Image, Pluggable Authentication Utility, ZPT page, but no python
scripts.  Python scripts are in BlueBream, but not enabled in the ZMI I
am not sure why not.   Also my recollection is that the default folder
does not support acquisition, a different folder does.  The acquisition
folder would need to be added to the ZMI.  And of course there will be
some other unexpected problems.

So if we got you Bluebream + ZMI+ python scripts and an acquisition
folder would you start using the ZMI?
How do other people feel about this path?

The other path is to provide all that on top of ZAM.   ZAM looks much
nicer, but maybe that path is harder work.  I wrote up the ZAM user
interface documentation.  I now understand ZAM better and specifically
the ZCML that brakes the current install, but not the error message
itself.   There is a way to fire up the debugger when it crashes.  So
that is next, but this is not my day job.   Then I have to figure out
how to get ZAM to enable adding all of that stuff TTW.

I am not sure which path is better so I try one, then try the other. 
Eventually one will work for me.   Maybe I will end up grabbing the ZMI
code and adding it to ZAM.   We will see.  I am always careful on
speculating what I will do next. 

Feedback is most appreciated.  Professionally I feel very lonely. 
Everyone else seems to be using Plone or Pyramid or ZTK on the file

Christopher Lozinski

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Expect a paradigm shift.

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