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Thierry Florac tflorac at ulthar.net
Tue Feb 28 09:29:15 UTC 2012


Le Sun, 26 Feb 2012 10:32:36 -0500,
  Christopher Lozinski <lozinski at freerecruiting.com> a écrit:

> On 2/25/12 1:31 PM, Ilshad Khabibullin wrote:
> >  
> >
> > BTW. BlueBream project now is in software errosion, I think.
> >  
> I agree, it is clear that BlueBream  is in software erosion mode.   On
> the other hand the traffic on this mailing list is picking up.   
> It is not that hard to do a new release of BlueBream.  Maybe it is
> harder to keep it current.   More importantly there is a need for a
> ZTK Demo app, a starting point for new developers.  Maybe ZTFY.org
> fills that role nicely.  Plus it has the missing TTW piece that
> BlueBream needed.   That is the next Bluebream package I want to
> download, install check out and document.  And since they do not have
> a mailing list, essentially the BlueBream mailing list is becoming
> the ZTFY mailing list. 
> Maybe we could update Bluebream using the ztfy distribution!
> Who makes these decisions anyhow?

ZTFY (Zope Tools For You) is a small set of packages that I have
written and published, mainly to fit my own needs.

Actually it doesn't offer any TTW development, but only "basic" content

ztfy.webapp, which is probably what you thing of, in based at 99% on
BlueBream and its concepts. The "only" differences are that:
 - it is based on last releases (1.1.3 actually) of ZTK and ZopeApp;
   1.1.4 may come shortly
 - configuration has been slightly modified and extended
 - it includes references to my own packages for which they build
   a new KGS
 - it also includes a small set of deprecated packages, which were
   needed always in my own use case to upgrade sites based on older
   releases of Zope (3.4).

Of course, it's still probably possible to base the next BlueBream's
release on this work, and I would clearly like to be included in such a

Best regards,

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