[BlueBream] How to simplify Zope 3 development

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Tue Sep 4 21:31:29 UTC 2012

Don't use the Zope Component Architecture.

Sure use the libraries that come with it, but just do you own app in
python on the ZODB. 

Of course if you are building Twisted, which runs on multiple operating
systems, with multiple protocols, transport layers, reactors, developers
and dependent libraries, then ZCA is the way to go.

But I just want to build simple websites, single developer, single
server, a few classes.  I want them to be quick and easy to get up and
running.  Python and ZODB are best for that.  I can happily loose ZCA,
Interfaces, Registers, ZCML, subclassing Folders just to be able to add
a class, and lot more of the Zope 3 complexity, while keeping all of the
underlying rich and wonderful libraries.

Or can I?   Now I just have to figure out how to do this.  In
particular I do need security, and would like to use Zope Schema.  Of
course I will keep Twisted and Zope dispatch.

Where did this idea come from?

Well in 2009 Zope Corporation released a library for calling ZODB from


I only stumbled upon it last week.  At first I thought it did
dispatching into the ZODB, then I realized it is more for calling the
ZODB from the Twisted reactor.    But it should not be too hard to do
what I want. 

Of course the blue bream docs are all about how to use the ZCA, but
perhaps a simpler approach is possible.  When the docs point out how to
do things, it is a bit hard to see a different path.

Let me give this as shot.  Any pointers would be most appreciated.  It
should be pretty easy to make a simple python zodb object the root
object.  Cutting into the dispatch routines should not be too hard.  The
trickiest part is using the security libraries.  Reportedly they are
divided into two parts, the security libraries themselves and the zcml
configuration libraries.  Maybe I can just use the first ones.

Let us see if this posting brings this mailing list back to life.  Of
course the real question is what does it take to simplify Zope3
development and invigorate the broader community.   Maybe all I should
care about is how to make it easy to do the simple directory of stores
for the blind that I am working on. 

Christopher Lozinski

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