[BlueBream] zope.wfmc for xpdl v2.1

Christian Lück cluecksbox at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 17 20:35:04 UTC 2012

Hi there,

xpdl-support in zope.wfmc is outdated if one wants to use current
tools for writing workflow definitions like together workflow editor
(twe). twe now uses xpdl v2.1 (2.2 was released in spring), but the
package zope.wfmc only supports v1.0.

I improved the package so that basic elements of xpdl2.1/wfmc work
under zope because I use wfmc-workflows a lot in my bluebream app.

It's not only the namespace, that changed, but some terms too.
AND-splits are now Parallel-splits, Lanes were introduced and
TaskApplications are used instead of Tools.

A patch and the file xpdl.py is attached. Maybe it will help someone.

I didn't write tests yet, because I assert that it works implicitly by
writing tests for my app :)

Kind regards

BTW: Don't know if this is the right list - zope.wfmc is not part of
ztk/bluebream but this list seems to be now what old zope3-users was..
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