[BlueBream] contributing to bluebream

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Tue Apr 19 17:55:23 CEST 2016

On 4/17/16 12:00 PM, Tamar Higazi  wrote:
> Yet, I have used a "bottle.py" in an virtual environment with
> zope.interface and zope.component with uWSGI behind NGINX.
> However, I am not interisted in Grok. I am interisted in ZTFY or Zope3.
Sounds like you were doing something very interesting trying to
implement zope 3 on top of Flask. 
If you ever write a blog post, I would certainly love to read it.
> I am not interisted in Grok.

Grok.install includes all of ztk. 

You do not need to use grok.  The only piece of grok you would need to
use is the admin interface.  Even that could
be moved to zcml configuration with a few lines of code.  It should not
be hard to shrink grok.install down to a ztk.install.

It is actually an interesting idea to just do a ztk.install  The Plone
guys removed all of grok from Plone. 

Then you can add back in the ZTFY libraries that you need. 

>I am going on with Zope2 and make myself familiar with it.

Before you jump on Zope2, ask your self what your security model is, and
what your view model is.  Grok, ZTK, and Zope2 all have different
security and view models.  For that matter you might find the Pyramid
security and view models more to your linking.  But there really is a
choice. I am surprised we do not see more discussion of the view and
security models in each of these different systems. 

As for Maintenance, there is active development going on over at github
on both ztk and grok.  Take a look at the commit logs.
And Jim Fulton is hard at work upgrading ZODB to work with AsyncIO. 

I hope that helps.


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