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 HTML layout engine
-This package implements a page rendering model where a layout is based
-on an existing HTML document and definitions of dynamic regions that
-point to elements in the document tree.
+This package implements a page rendering model based on a static HTML
+document that is made dynamic from the outside by mapping content
+provider definitions to locations in the HTML document tree. This is
+called a "layout".
-A layout is rendered in the context of some object and it's left to
-content providers to fill in dynamic data to the regions (see
+The component architecture is utilized to provide extension points
+that allow wide application. Two-phase rendering is supported using
+the ``zope.contentprovider`` rendering scheme (update/render).
-Images, CSS and JS-resources that are referenced by the HTML document
-are included automatically by declaring them as Zope browser
+Static resources, as referenced by the HTML document (images,
+stylesheets and javascript files) are included carbon copy and
+published as browser resources (see ``zope.app.publisher.browser``).
 * No template language required
-* Integrates directly with creative workflow
-* Provides flexible extension points
+* Support for two-phase rendering
+* Integrates with creative workflow
+* Flexible extension points
-Additionally, a set of viewlet managers are included to easily insert
-viewlets into common HTML document slots.

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