[Checkins] SVN: z3c.unconfigure/trunk/src/z3c/unconfigure/README.txt add bit more explanation

Philipp von Weitershausen philikon at philikon.de
Wed Aug 6 09:33:03 EDT 2008

Log message for revision 89440:
  add bit more explanation

  U   z3c.unconfigure/trunk/src/z3c/unconfigure/README.txt

Modified: z3c.unconfigure/trunk/src/z3c/unconfigure/README.txt
--- z3c.unconfigure/trunk/src/z3c/unconfigure/README.txt	2008-08-06 12:59:47 UTC (rev 89439)
+++ z3c.unconfigure/trunk/src/z3c/unconfigure/README.txt	2008-08-06 13:33:00 UTC (rev 89440)
@@ -92,3 +92,8 @@
   Important configuration here.
   Goodbye World!
   This is the last directive
+In this case, simply including the file with the ``<include />``
+directive would've sufficed as well.  What matters is that the
+"unconfiguration" happens *after* the original configuration, and
+override files are a good place to ensure this.

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