[Checkins] SVN: zc.sourcefactory/trunk/src/zc/sourcefactory/browser/token.txt as it seems impossible to upload umlauts in long_description to pypi using distutils, so I had to replace the umlauts

Michael Howitz mh at gocept.com
Wed Aug 27 11:07:04 EDT 2008

Am 27.08.2008 um 14:21 wrote Jacob Holm:

> This looks like a bad idea.  You are weakening the test by removing  
> non-ascii chars here.  A better approach would have been to rewrite  
> the non-ascii chars using \N (or \u or \U) escapes.

According to Christian Then this suggestion does not help as the test  
should test real umlauts.
So I'll try harder on preparing the long_description (encoding it to  
unicode by myself before distutils tries to do) and revert the test.

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