[Checkins] SVN: zope.repositorypolicy/trunk/RULES.txt Flesh out rules, notes about how to conform.

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Mon May 10 14:08:55 EDT 2010

Log message for revision 112236:
  Flesh out rules, notes about how to conform.

  U   zope.repositorypolicy/trunk/RULES.txt

Modified: zope.repositorypolicy/trunk/RULES.txt
--- zope.repositorypolicy/trunk/RULES.txt	2010-05-10 16:37:35 UTC (rev 112235)
+++ zope.repositorypolicy/trunk/RULES.txt	2010-05-10 18:08:54 UTC (rev 112236)
@@ -1,11 +1,99 @@
-- the rules are enforced on all top level subversion modules on the branches
-  trunk, develop
+Rules enforced by ``zope.repositorypolicy``
-- the rules are *not* enforced in the modules
-  Sandbox, ...
-- all copyright headers (c-style, python style) must be zope foundation
+This package provides a ``zope-org-check-project`` script using is run
+nightly against the zope.org Subversion repository The script checks the
+rules below agatinst all top level subversion projects, with the
+exception of ``Sandbox``.  For each project, the script check the ``trunk``
+(if it exists), the ``develop`` branch (if it exists), and any "release"
+branches matching the pattern ``branches/{major}.{minor}``, where ``major``
+and ``minor`` are integers.
-- every package must have a license.txt which is ZPL 2.1
-- every package must have a copyright.txt according to ZPL 2.1 which points to
-  the Zope Foundation
+The script ignores releases of a project (typically in
+``tags/{major}.{minor}.{patch}``).  New releases for a project should be made
+from a branch, or the trunk, only after bringing that branch into conformance.
+Copyright and License Rules
+- Any moudule which contains a copyright headers (c-style, python style, or
+  othersize) must indicate that the copyright belongs to "Zope Foundation
+  and Contributors."  The phrase "All Rights Reserved" is not requried.
+  Existing copyright dates should be preserved when changing the copyright
+  holder.
+- Every checked project branch must contain a file named, "LICENSE.txt"
+  which contains the canonical copy of the ZPL 2.1 license.  As of 2010-05-09,
+  the checker requires that this file match its canonical version exactly.
+- Every checked project branch must contain a file named "COPYRIGHT.txt"
+  which indicatees that the copyright belongs to the foundation.  This file
+  must not contain any other language or information than the following::
+     Zope Foundation and Contributors
+- If a checked project branch contains a ``setup.py`` file for consumption
+  by ``distutils`` or other related tools, each call into the ``setup()``
+  API must include the ``license`` keyword argument, with the string
+  "ZPL 2.1" as the value.  E.g::
+     from setuptools import setup
+     setup(name='somepackage',
+           version='1.2',
+           description='A description',
+           license='ZPL 2.1',
+           ...
+          )
+Most project branches should be easy to bring into conformance.  The
+``zope-org-check-project`` script provided by this package will find and
+report on violations.  E.g.::
+  $ bin/zope-org-check-project /path/to/someproject
+  LICENSE.txt: Missing license file
+  COPYRIGHT.txt: Missing copyright file
+  src/someproject/adapters.py:3: incorrect copyright holder: Zope Corporation and Contributors
+  ...
+The ``zope-org-fix-project`` file can fix all the copyright headers, as well
+as adding the miising required files.  E.g.::
+  $ bin/zope-org-check-project /path/to/someproject
+  $ bin/zope-org-fix-project /path/to/someproject
+  $ svn stat /path/to/someproject
+  ? LICENSE.txt
+  ? COPYRIGHT.txt
+  M src/someproject/adapters.py
+  ...
+Don't forget to add the newly-generated boilerplate files before checking
+in the changes.
+Non-Conforming Projects
+If any portion of the project cannot be conformed to these guidelines (e.g.
+because some file or part of a file is under copyright to a non-committer),
+one of the following remedies must be applied.
+- Move the project from the zope.org repository to a different code hosting
+  site.
+- Remove the non-ZPL-licensed files from the project, perhaps documenting
+  how a user can restore them at installation time.
+- Apply to the Zope Foundation board for an exception to the policy.  Once
+  granted, the exempted project branches must contain a file, "EXEMPTIONS.txt",
+  containing the date and scope of the exemption.  The "LICENSE.txt" and
+  "COPYRIGHT.txt" files should be amended to indicate the portions of code
+  which are under a different license, or copyright.  Project branches
+  containing the "EXEMPTIONS.txt" file will be skipped by the
+  ``zope-org-check-repository`` script when running the nightly conformance
+  report.

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