[Checkins] SVN: van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_src.txt Add some source packages that have "python-" in their name.

Gediminas Paulauskas menesis at pov.lt
Tue May 18 10:54:27 EDT 2010

Log message for revision 112456:
  Add some source packages that have "python-" in their name.

  U   van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_src.txt

Modified: van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_src.txt
--- van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_src.txt	2010-05-18 14:30:02 UTC (rev 112455)
+++ van.pydeb/trunk/van/pydeb/py_to_src.txt	2010-05-18 14:54:27 UTC (rev 112456)
@@ -1,13 +1,17 @@
 # Map eggs to debian source packages
 BeautifulSoup                                   beautifulsoup
+Chameleon                                       python-chameleon
+ClientForm                                      python-clientform
 M2Crypto                                        m2crypto
+mechanize                                       python-mechanize
 PIL                                             python-imaging
+pyPdf                                           python-pypdf
+PyQt4                                           python-qt4
 pytz                                            python-tz
 Reportlab                                       python-reportlab
+RestrictedPython                                restrictedpython
+setuptools                                      python-setuptools
 SQLAlchemy                                      sqlalchemy
-ZConfig						zconfig
+xlrd                                            python-xlrd
+ZConfig                                         zconfig
 ZODB3                                           zodb
-RestrictedPython				restrictedpython
-PyQt4						python-qt4
-setuptools					python-setuptools
-Chameleon					python-chameleon

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