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 The IRC log is available here:
-XXX will be filled in after the meeting.
+Windows builds
+Adam didn't manage to look at the AMI builds yet, but he'll try for next week.
+The VS licenses haven't turned up yet either and Christian Theune agreed to
+bring the issue up at the next foundation's board's meeting.
+The foundation board agreed in general that the foundation will finance build
+infrastructure for Windows but needs a volunteer from the community to take
+responsibility on making a plan what to buy, how to maintain it, etc. Adam
+agreed to draft a plan and Christian Theune offered to help putting it into
+shape for presenting it to the board.
+Bug tracking
+The Zope 3 bug tracker is almost emptied out [By the time of writing the
+protocol there's 25 open bugs left in it.]. We'll continue to migrate/triage
+the remaining bugs in the coming days/weeks.
+The two project groups (zopetoolkit and zopeapp) provide a good overview of
+bugs in the official packages by now (see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/zopetoolkit
+and https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/zopeapp) although the zopeapp list seems
+suspiciously short.
+Christian Theune would like to get into a more steady mode of triaging them to
+lower the response time for people who report bugs. One part of this is the
+check-bugs script done by Charlie Clark which will be integrated into the
+daily test aggregation to report about languishing bugs. Christian Theune will
+set up the check script on one of his servers that also runs the repository
+Another part is to clean up the situation about bug notifications from
+Launchpad so that individual developers get notified in time.  Christian
+Theune has been working on merging the various teams in Launchpad that exist
+so that there will be an administrative one (for managing the Launchpad
+project metadata) and one for developers (to handle bugs and day-to-day
+tasks).  Once this is done individual developers should receive Launchpad
+notifications for newly reported bugs.
+Bug day 2010-05-19
+The next bug day is this week on 2010-05-19. We didn't manage to talk much
+about this in preparation, although there was some triaging done by people and
+http://wiki.zope.org/ztk/BugDay20100519 shows a good list of people wanting to
+work on bugs.

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