[Checkins] SVN: z3c.form/trunk/CHANGES.txt typos

Michael Howitz cvs-admin at zope.org
Mon Aug 6 06:20:46 UTC 2012

Log message for revision 127435:

  U   z3c.form/trunk/CHANGES.txt

Modified: z3c.form/trunk/CHANGES.txt
--- z3c.form/trunk/CHANGES.txt	2012-08-06 05:02:59 UTC (rev 127434)
+++ z3c.form/trunk/CHANGES.txt	2012-08-06 06:20:40 UTC (rev 127435)
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
   layout concept allows to register layout templates additional to the widget
   templates. Such a layout template only get used if a widget get called.
   This enhacement is optional and compatible with all previous z3c.form
-  versions and dosn't affect existing code and customm implementations
+  versions and doesn't affect existing code and custom implementations
   except if you implemented a own __call__ method for widgets which
   wasn't implemented in previous versions. The new __call__ method will lookup
   and return a layout template which supports additional HTML code used as

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