[CMF-checkins] Singaporeans ay tumutulong para mapaunlad ang sariling negosyo

Mei Kuan meikuan75 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 5 00:08:37 EDT 2004

Dear Filipino friend,
Kumusta ka na?
We were looking and your email just appeared, perhaps it was GOD's will. We sincerely hope that you read on this letter. This may be of significant relevance to you and your loved ones and give you something you are looking for in life. 
Did you know that most people in the Philippines work hard for their money trying to make ends meet and at the end of each month, left with little or no money? There are also thousands of Filipinos who have to endure the heart-break of leaving their loved ones to venture overseas in order to support their loved ones and the Philippines economy once again.
President Arroyo recently announced that Philippines is currently facing a "fiscal crisis" and had ordered politicians, businessmen, the clergy and ordinary citizens to donate cash and jewellery to help Philippines manage mount foreign debts.
Are you one of these people who might be affected by this crisis? If yes, then this is maybe for you
Please allow us to provide you with a brief introduction of ourselves.
We are a team of Singaporean entrepreneurs hailing from various professional fields including Finance, Information Technology, Chemistry and Business Excellence. 
We know that, in the new millennium, more Filipino employees are finding it harder to get ahead in life due to greater job insecurity as a result of corporate downsizing and global outsourcing, diminishing wages, office politics, not forgetting constant retrenchment threats. They are further affected by the rising costs of living and interest rates, not forgetting the current economic difficulties that Philippines is currently facing.
Filipino businessmen too, have to grapple with increasing economic and political uncertainties, epidemic threats such as the Avian Flu, competitive threats and unstable crude oil crisis. Further, due to the increasingly rapid changes in the business environment, they find it harder to keep up with the increasingly volatile business cycles. 
We recognise these problems faced by many Filipinos today and decide to embark on a more fulfilling long term career of helping them solve their problems and improving their lives in the process.
What we do is to help Filipinos develop/diversify into their own businesses in a potentially huge and expanding market so that they can start managing the above adversities and making significant progress towards what they and their loved ones want in life once again. 
Would this be something that may be deemed as a long term solution in your life? 
Mei Kuan’s Chikka No. is 001877961 and her Skype ID is Reychell. 
We look forward to communicating with you on Chikka/Skype to know you better as a friend and answer further enquiries. 
Chow Mei Kuan (Ms) / Don Chew (Mr.) 
Email: reychell at singnet.com.sg /chewlw at singnet.com.sg
Chikka No.: 001877961
Skype ID: Reychell
P.S.: This may be a GOD-send turning point in your life.

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