[cmf-tests] FAILED (failures=1) : CMF-1.6 Zope-2.9 Python-2.4.4 : Linux

CMF Unit Tests cmf-tests at epy.co.at
Sat May 19 21:30:43 EDT 2007

CMF Unit Tests : FAILED (failures=1)
CMF-1.6 Zope-2.9 Python-2.4.4 : Linux

Running /usr/local/python2.4/bin/python /home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope29/test.py -q --config-file etc/zope.conf --path Products --test-path Products
2007-05-20 03:11:35 ERROR Zope Zope Default Object Creation: Could not initialze a Temporary Folder because a database was not configured to be mounted at the /temp_folder mount point
Parsing /home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope29-cmf16/etc/zope.conf
Running unit tests:

Failure in test test_LessThanDaysAhead (CMFTopic.tests.test_DateC.FriendlyDateCriterionFunctionalTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/python2.4/lib/python2.4/unittest.py", line 260, in run
  File "/home/stefan/autotest/temp/python24-zope29-cmf16/Products/CMFTopic/tests/test_DateC.py", line 366, in test_LessThanDaysAhead
    self.assertEquals(len(results), resultset_size)
  File "/usr/local/python2.4/lib/python2.4/unittest.py", line 333, in failUnlessEqual
    raise self.failureException, \
AssertionError: 1 != 2

  Ran 1208 tests with 1 failures and 0 errors in 106.981 seconds.

FAILED (failures=1)

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