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Aroldo Souza-Leite asouzaleite at gmx.de
Thu Aug 10 19:24:48 EDT 2006

Hi Chris,

Chris McDonough wrote:

> Does anybody know the answers to these questions for CMS Watch?
> - C
>> From: Seth Gottlieb <sgottlieb at optaros.com>
>> Hi Chris,
>> I am updating the Zope review for CMS Watch and wanted to know the
>> status of the Zope Foundation. Has ownership of the Zope code base
>> been fully transferred? How about the name and trademarks?
>> Thanks,
>> Seth
the ZF Board of Directors has just constituted itself. Immediately after
its first meeting, the Board led the ZF panel at Europython2006 in
Geneva a few weeks ago. At the moment, we are still busy finishing up
the legal foundational procedures but have already started to organise
committees of volunteers from the Zope community to get the most urgent
business items going - Zope security maintainance of course high up on
the list.

The Zope Foundation Bylaws oblige the ZF to take full charge of all
issues concerning the Zope Intellectual Property. This includes
transferring the Zope code base and zope.org from Zope Corporation to
the Zope Foundation. However, these and further such measures will take
some time because they only make sense as part of the process of
solidifying the Zope Foundation as the effective representative of the
Zope community as a whole. We hope to agree on a realistic roadmap with
substantial steps in this direction soon.

I'll keep your questions in mind for the next Board meeting and will see
if I can give you more details by the end of the next week.



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