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Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Thu Aug 10 19:33:55 EDT 2006

Thanks Aroldo!

Looking forward to hearing more...

- C

On Aug 10, 2006, at 7:24 PM, Aroldo Souza-Leite wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> Does anybody know the answers to these questions for CMS Watch?
>> - C
>>> From: Seth Gottlieb <sgottlieb at optaros.com>
>>> Hi Chris,
>>> I am updating the Zope review for CMS Watch and wanted to know the
>>> status of the Zope Foundation. Has ownership of the Zope code base
>>> been fully transferred? How about the name and trademarks?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Seth
> the ZF Board of Directors has just constituted itself. Immediately  
> after
> its first meeting, the Board led the ZF panel at Europython2006 in
> Geneva a few weeks ago. At the moment, we are still busy finishing up
> the legal foundational procedures but have already started to organise
> committees of volunteers from the Zope community to get the most  
> urgent
> business items going - Zope security maintainance of course high up on
> the list.
> The Zope Foundation Bylaws oblige the ZF to take full charge of all
> issues concerning the Zope Intellectual Property. This includes
> transferring the Zope code base and zope.org from Zope Corporation to
> the Zope Foundation. However, these and further such measures will  
> take
> some time because they only make sense as part of the process of
> solidifying the Zope Foundation as the effective representative of the
> Zope community as a whole. We hope to agree on a realistic roadmap  
> with
> substantial steps in this direction soon.
> I'll keep your questions in mind for the next Board meeting and  
> will see
> if I can give you more details by the end of the next week.
> Regards,
> Aroldo.
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