[ZF] proposal: press release on zope foundation

sathya sathya at zeomega.com
Sun Aug 20 04:05:28 EDT 2006

The cost to use a service like business wire is $600. We can specifiy 
the categories that are applicable
we can research less expensive options as well
The press release will be similar to the following


what is the zope foundation
why does it exist
how does it plan to function and accomplish its goals

if we do have a couple of corporate members that can  comment on the 
foundations value  that will be  nice as well

Andreas Jung wrote:

> --On 20. August 2006 02:45:25 -0500 sathya <sathya at zeomega.com> wrote:
>> Hello all
>> I would like to coordinate a press release on the founding.
>> I think the  approximate cost is $400-600 . ZeOmega can put in 50 %.
> Could you please explain what you plan and what makes a press release
> cost $400-600?
> -aj

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