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Peter Simmons pete-lists at bcmpweb.com
Thu Feb 16 15:58:18 EST 2006

Hi All,

I just subscribed to both these lists (forgive the cross post) so you 
may have gotten further down the road on this one than I have seen. I 
have been following a conversation on Zope3-users list about setting up 
a website and doing a little marketing push for Zope 3.

I really liked the ideas in the email from Joel Moxley 
(jfmoxley at gmail.com) as pasted at the end in particular as I think they 
sum up where the discussion got to. Anyway I wanted to offer some 
funding to help get a site like that going I could offer $1000 NZD 
(about $700 USD at present) from my company to kick this thing off.

I am not sure where to go next though, Gary Poster suggested I get over 
to the zope-web list and that the foundation would also be able to help 
with this when it gets up and running.

I noticed recently that the Plone foundation had started using a site 
http://fundable.org to help people organise funding for projects similar 
to this. Have a look at the site it seems like a good place to do this 
kinda thing.

Anyone got a place to point me or ideas about how to get the funding 
into place and get this thing going?


As I see it, Zope 3's central marketing issue is the lack of a
coherent online identity.  There needs to be a single place that
answers the following questions:

1) What is Zope 3?
2) Why use Zope 3?
3) How does Zope 3 compare to competing frameworks?
4) How do I get started?

Largely, this is assembly of the Zope 3 FrontPage, philikon's first
two chapters, and the "appetizer" quick start guides on worldcookery. 
However, I would also  love to see a section on the lead developers
answering Q1-Q3.  And this would be in conjunction with conveying...

Zope3's shtick:  Zope3 is not flashy.  Zope3 does not put pastel
colors on its website. Zope3 is the no-nonsense, industrial strength
platform.  It's where you come when you want to do it right.  It was
coded with the most rigorous standards by a bunch of hard-nosed sons
of bitches who don't have time for froofy marketing  :) .  And so forth.
 This would come across in lead dev's answering Q1-Q3.

And finally, the site should demonstrate the "industrial strength"
quality with examples.  Little snippets from developers of SchoolTool,
corporate users, and so forth should demonstrate "hey, we're for real,
and we don't mess around -- you give me an animated screenshots, I
raise you a XYZ transaction per day uber site".  In a sense, we'd want
to portray ourselves as the Chuck Norris[1] of web platforms  :) 

Bottom line, a coherent online identity would go a long way.  Instead
of doing some snazzy marketings, let's communicate the character that
Zope3 does have.  It sounds like zope3.org under ZF might be the ideal
way to do this,

As for codenames, this is just one way we could help create a coherent
online identity.  I certainly think release names would be fun (and
not distracting to the central "Zope 3" brand we'd want).  Overall, I
think the time has come for communication of Zope 3 identity to move
hand in hand with development.


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