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The ZF board has voted to have paid members renew annually in August,
and to conduct board elections (for the membership classes which hold
them) during the month of September.

Here's a summary of the membership classes and their representation on
the Board (full details are available in the ZF bylaws[0]):

- - Strategic Developers[1] each get to appoint a board member.

- - Strategic Consumers[2] each get to appoint a board member.

- - Committer Members[3] get to elect as many board members
  as there are strategic developers (currently 2).

- - Solution Provider Members[4] get to elect a board member for every 3
  strategic developers.  (They get to elect at least 1.).  At present,
  there is one SP seat available, which has been vacant during the
  current term.

- - Associate Members[5] get to elect one board member.

Voting classes will use the existing SSH-based mechanism developed by
Jim[6].  Nominations for the committer member will be made on the
'foundation-committers' list (I will spawn a new thread there shortly
announcing that they are open).  The Associate Members class currently
consists of one person, who is Aroldo Souza-Leite;  he is the board
member by default.

Results of the elections will be announced to this list (and elsewhere)
during the first week in October.

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