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Wed Jul 25 18:25:21 EDT 2007

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Tres Seaver wrote:
> The ZF board has voted to have paid members renew annually in August,
> and to conduct board elections (for the membership classes which hold
> them) during the month of September.
> Here's a summary of the membership classes and their representation on
> the Board (full details are available in the ZF bylaws[0]):
> - Strategic Developers[1] each get to appoint a board member.
> - Strategic Consumers[2] each get to appoint a board member.
> - Committer Members[3] get to elect as many board members
>   as there are strategic developers (currently 2).
> - Solution Provider Members[4] get to elect a board member for every 3
>   strategic developers.  (They get to elect at least 1.).  At present,
>   there is one SP seat available, which has been vacant during the
>   current term.
> - Associate Members[5] get to elect one board member.
> Voting classes will use the existing SSH-based mechanism developed by
> Jim[6].  Nominations for the committer member will be made on the
> 'foundation-committers' list (I will spawn a new thread there shortly
> announcing that they are open).  The Associate Members class currently
> consists of one person, who is Aroldo Souza-Leite;  he is the board
> member by default.
> Results of the elections will be announced to this list (and elsewhere)
> during the first week in October.

Forgot the footnotes, dangit:

[0] http://foundation.zope.org/bylaws/ZopeFoundationByLaws.pdf

[1] http://foundation.zope.org/members/strategic_developer_members

[2] http://foundation.zope.org/members/strategic_consumer_members

[3] http://foundation.zope.org/members/committer_members

[4] http://foundation.zope.org/members/solution_provider_members

[5] http://foundation.zope.org/members/associate_members

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