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Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Thu Apr 2 14:31:00 EDT 2009

Hey All,

I got bitten by the current zope subversion setup at PyCon so thought 
I'd mail the appropriate groups about it. If this has been covered 
elsewhere and I've missed anything, please just point me in the right 

So, svn.zope.org causes me pain at the moment:

- it uses the bizarre svn or svn+ssh protocols, which I find annoying 
(ports blocked on routers, can't check with a browser, etc)

- the web front end is ancient and not as good as other options (Trac, 

- the process for adding keys is baroque and managed by one person who 
is too busy to help with it (Jim)

So I thought I'd ask what the plans are now that the foundation owns all 
the Zope IP (has this happened yet or am I imagining things?)

Are we sticking with svn? Are we sticking with the current hosting? Are 
we sticking with the current key-based login and upload mechanism?

For me, the ideal would be simply https for everything and using http 
basic auth for access with more people having access to update the 
passwd file and maybe Trac or WebSVN for a nice web interface.

I volunteer to help with any/all of the above.

The other option would be to follow Python and move to Mercurial, but 
that has the same problems for me as with Bzr (no decent gui tools, less 
mature, etc) although it's a toolset I'll have to learn at some point 



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