[ZF] Finances and services

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Wed Feb 13 09:58:46 UTC 2013

Hi Jim,

> The latest board minutes have "The treasurer filed his report via
> email to the board list before the meeting."  As a non-board-member, I
> find this to be pretty opaque.  I've scanned through a year and a half
> of minutes and all I can find is a mention in last January's minutes
> that Gary reported that we had $62,657.35.
> Can we get more detailed and regular reporting?
> As a member, I'd like to know on a regular basis:
> - how much money we have,
> - how much we're taking in, and
> - What we're spending money on.

I'll leave the "regular basis" to the next board/treasurer, here's some information that I've gathered right now:

There's $60,605.44 in our bank account. 

Income is from sponsor member dues only, of which we had 6 last year and 3 of those renewed this year so far. Sponsors pay $399 annually. The current un-expired sponsor memberships are listed at http://foundation.zope.org/members/sponsorship_members

We're spending money on the following:

- hosting (2 physical servers at Hetzner, about $180/month)
- Rackspace (the WinBot/WinBuilder stuff, about $33/month)
- QuickBooks Online for accounting (about $23/month)
- a hosted SugarCRM instance for managing membership data (IIRC $119 annually)

… and several smaller items for the Delaware Secretary of State having to do with the company registration as well as other (probably accounting-related) items that I'm not 100% sure on. The treasurer knows more about them.

> Also, I'd like to get a better idea of what services the foundation is
> providing. Services I know of:
> - mail.zope.org
> - www.zope.org
> - foundation.zope.org
> - download.zope.org (defunct?)
> - docs.zope.org
> - winbot/winbuilder?
> Are there others?

The services include (no guarantee for completeness):

Third-party vendors:
- DNS management for zope.org, zopefoundation.org, zope.info, zodb.org at zoneedit.com
- Git repository management on github.com
- winbot.zope.org WinBot/winbuilder on Rackspace
- site and service monitoring through my own Nagios installation

On Zope Corporation hardware:
- cvs.zope.org
- svn.zope.org

On the two hosted servers at Hetzner:
- mail.zope.org/lists.zope.org for mail and mailing lists
- git.zope.org as read-only mirror for GitHub repos
- old.zope.org as static remnants of the old zope.org portal
- wiki.zope.org
- zope2.zope.org
- www.zope.org
- apidoc.zope.org
- bluebream.zope.org
- docs.zope.org as documentation collection point for Sphinx-based docs
- download.zope.org
- foundation.zope.org/www.zopefoundation.org
- www.zodb.org

Not all these sites are maintained by the ZF itself, but by members who have requested to have them set up/hosted. That means some may be defunct or no longer needed. We're just providing the space to run them and do basic service monitoring.

I hope that'll give you at least a rough idea what's happening right now.


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