[ZF] Announcement: 2014 Zope Foundation Board Elections and General Meeting

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Mon Jan 27 15:16:22 CET 2014

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The Zope Foundation board is pleased to announce the regular 2014
general meeting of the foundation will be held on Friday, 28 March
2014, at 15:00 UTC.  The meeting will be conducted via IRC at the
following channel:


P rior to that meeting, the current board will conduct an elections in
which foundation members will select seven (7) board members in
accordance with the foundation bylaws[1].

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- - Nominations open via the foundation at zope.org mailing list until
  Friday, 2013-02-21.

- - Voting via e-mail to a closed mailing list, from Wednesday,
  2013-02-26 through Friday, 2013-03-14.

- - Votes tallied by representatives of the current board,
  using "Meek and Warrent STV" method using OpenSTV software.

- - General meeting and seating of the new board, Friday, 2013-03-28.

Procedure for Elections
- -----------------------

The procedure for the elections is as follows:

- - Foundation members may nominate any member by responding to the
  board's announcment on the foundation at zope.org maling list.
  Nominations will remain open until Friday, 2013-02-21, 23:00 UTC.

- - At the close of the nominations period, the board will create a new
  mailman list, 'zf-elections-2014', and approve all ZF members to post
  to the list.  In order to preserve anonymity of votes, foundation
  members will not be subscribers to the list;  access to the list
  archives will be restricted to the "tellers" appointed by the board.

- - On Wednesday, 2013-02-26, the Secretary will send an e-mail announcing
  the opening of the voting period. This email will contain the ballot,
  with careful instructions about how to rank preferences in the reply.
  The Reply-to header of this e-mail will be set to the
  'zf-elections-2014' list.

- - ZF members will vote by replying to that e-mail.  Voting will remain
  open until Friday, 2013-03-14, 23:00 UTC.

- - At the close of voting, the board will appoint two of its members as
  "tellers."  The tellers will use the list archive to tabulate the
  members' votes, using the OpenSTV application[2] configured to use the
  Meek and Warren STV method[3].  The tellers will report the election
  results, along with the raw tallies, at a special board meeting to be
  held on Tuesday, 2013-03-26, 15:00 UTC.

- - After canvassing the results from the tellers, the board will notify
  all nominees of the success / failure of their candidacy, thanking
  them for their willingness to serve.

- - At the general meeting, the last item on the agenda will the
  announcement of the election results, including a vote to "seat" the

An online version of this announcement is available at:


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[1] http://foundation.zope.org/bylaws/zope_foundation_bylaws.pdf

[2] http://stv.sourceforge.net/aboutopenstv

[3] http://stv.sourceforge.net/votingmethods/meek

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