[Grok-dev] Heads up: Renamed applyChanges to applyData

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Tue Apr 17 13:35:11 EDT 2007

After discussing some issues concerning applyChanges with Martijn [1], I 
have now renamed applyChanges to applyData and fixed some of its 
behaviour outside EditForms.

 From the checkin message:

   * applyData no longer calls zope.formlib.form.applyChanges, it uses a
     helper in grok.formlib that *optionally* supports "update mode"
     (setting form data on an object only when the data needs to be
     updated). Update mode is disabled on normal forms, but it is enabled
     on EditForms.

     This was the main motivation for this refactoring (see mailinglist
     thread above).

   * applyData continues to send IObjectModifiedEvents. It does that now
     by employing another helper in grok.formlib. The event that's sent
     carries all the necessary information that's required by the event
     spec (which field of which schema was changed).

   * applyData no longer returns a simple boolean to indicate whether
     changes had  to be  made to an object. It now returns a dictionary
     that contains the information *which* fields of which interfaces had
     to be changed (interfaces are the keys of the dict, a list of
      attributes are the values).

     If no changes are made to the object, an empty dict is returned.
     Given Python's semantics for booleans, this is still compatible with
     the old return value of applyChanges. For example, you can still

       if self.applyData(...):
           print 'Changes were made'

   Backwards compatibility for applyChanges was provided for 1 month.

[1] http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/grok-dev/2007-April/000638.html

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