[Grok-dev] Feedback GROK Admin GUI

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Aug 14 04:40:47 EDT 2007

In the main screen, if I add an application and then click [object  
browser] I plunge into the object documentation. I would rather  
organise it as two tabs...

  -object browser
  -class documentaion

The class documentation page has a nicer layout than the object  
documentation page (I am guessing the latter is a work in progress,  
if not -- please fix it :) ).

Having a filter at the top of the class documentation would be great  
so one quickly can find a specific keyword.

I suggest changing the <h2> header colour to subtle grey. They are  
not the most important information on the page, and the strong colour  
is a bit distracting. Maybe the keywords should be the warm orange  
colour instead.

Is it possible to add a third tab...

  -class implementation

...that contains the actual code of the class (with references to the  
files). It is a pain to find ones way in the factored djungle of  
code. :)

I would suggest using inverted text for the object name header. Just  
to emphasize when one is browsing an object and not a class.

I also agree with Martijn that it might be a good idea to merge this  
sooner rather than later. It looks rahter useful as it is. :) This  
would also give more feedback.

Mvh Sebastian

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