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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Mon Aug 20 10:19:45 EDT 2007

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Kevin Teague wrote:
>> So now I am busy writing a simple first tutorial on navigation to
>> objects that are not persistent in the ZopeDB, but which are created
>> on-demand when the user tries to look at them.
>> Some questions have come up that I need guidance on.
>>  - What should I call this sort of object?  Several names suggest
>>    themselves, but I want to use just one main one through the
>>    tutorial:
>>     "On-demand objects"?
>>     "Dynamic objects"?
>>     "Non-persistent objects"?
>>     "Non-ZopeDB objects"?
>>     "Ephemeral objects"?
>>     "Transient objects"?
> They are called Model objects. Any object which provides methods and  
> attributes to your Views are Model objects, regardless of whether the  
> objects were persisted through the ZODB,  persisted in a relational  
> database, or parsed on-demand from a text file you fetched using gopher.
> In Martijn's Grok Tutorial in the "A view for a model" section he  
> discusses a non-ZODB Model object which has a single method returning  
> static data. I would re-read that section of the tutorial for further  
> guidance :)

The original question was how to distinguish ZODB-backed models from
others created on-the-fly during traversal.  "Non-persistent model
objects" might be most precise here.

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