[Grok-dev] Grok in single threaded mode

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Aug 21 05:06:39 EDT 2007

Thanks for the info! Is it a simple configuration to get Zope to run  
with ZServer instead of Twisted?

After some investigation it seems as though Twisted in fact runs in  
single threaded mode. My problem is that an exception is thrown when  
the browser connects to the Twisted server, and the Komodo debugger  
seems to loose it's way. I should probably direct this question to  
tech support at Activestate who make Komodo IDE.

Mvh Sebastian

21 aug 2007 kl. 10.37 skrev Christian Theune:

> Am Montag, den 20.08.2007, 21:04 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Ware:
>> I would like to run the Zope 3 server in single threaded mode in
>> order to try the Komodo IDE debugging features.
>> How do I start the server in single threaded mode?
> If you're using zserver then there's a zope.conf option (don't know  
> from
> the top of my head) to set the thread count to 1.
> If you're using twisted then, AFAIK, we can't influence the number of
> threads.
> Christian

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