[Grok-dev] Kirbi "deadline version" committed; demo available

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Tue Aug 21 05:58:13 EDT 2007

Hello all,

The latest version of Kirbi, produced during a marathon coding
session, is available for a test drive here:


And the code is in the usual place:


The latest feature is a partial implementation of the leasing
functionality: currently you can ask to borrow a book, and the request
shows in the lender's collection main page so he knows you want it.
But the last step, that is, the lender's approval or rejection of the
request is not implemented yet.

I need to catch some sleep now, and the rest of the week I need to
dedicate most of my time to other tasks that I put on hold for the
last couple of weeks of GSoC.

Before the GSoC evaluation period ends I will write and post here a
report on my GSoC experience for 2007.

I just want you to know that I am very excited about Grok. Ever since
I started coding for the web in 1994 I've been looking for an agile,
elegant, object-oriented way to write web apps. That search brought me
to Python and Bobo in 1998. I've been using Zope since it came out,
and I've tried J2EE, object-oriented PHP through Horde, and Ruby on
Rails. But never before a web framework fit my brain as well as this
one. This is not to say I fully grok Grok, far from it. It's just that
I never had so much fun coding a web app before.

I'd like to thank Martijn Faassen for his patience as a mentor, and
for his impatience as a programmer (I think Five and Grok have
something to do with that). It's been a pleasure talking to you.

I'm also grateful to Philipp, who's been a mentor through his book and
our many encounters online.

Thanks to everyone else who is part of this small community in the
wider Zope 3 world. Some of you I've already had the pleasure to meet,
like Tres and Martin. Others I haven't met yet but have been really
great companions: Uli, Darryl, Sebastian and Dirceu. Thanks Aroldo and
Uli for the warmth and hospitality you've already demonstrated. And
finally, now that GSoC is over I'll have more time to enjoy the
company of our fledgling Brazilian Grok community: Dirceu, Daniel,
Leo, Tomás, Julio, Fernando and Rudá.

I am really looking forward to meeting many of you at the Neanderthal
sprint and future events. But mainly, I am glad to have found such a
cozy fire to illuminate the maze of twisty little zcml passages, all
alike. I guess I'll be hanging around for a while.



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