[Grok-dev] New area for Grok apps in SVN

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Wed Aug 22 21:53:39 EDT 2007

Today I had a talk with Martijn and we agreed to create the grokapp
directory in the root of svn.zope.org:


Kirbi was moved there, and the same should happen with others, such as
GrokWiki, AnimalTree and Adder (the last two some minimal Grok apps I
created early in GSoC).

Perhaps Grokstar should be put there as well, what do you think?

Also, a couple of months ago I updated Phillip's simple Todo app to
work with (then) current Grok. I don't know if that code is in any
public repo (I copied the source from the screens shown in Philipp's
podcast). If Phillip agrees, I can put that there as well.

All of these apps were designed to highlight how the Grok/Zope 3
components fit together in simple use cases (sorely lacking in the
Zope 3 documentation, which currently focuses too much in the API and
doctests which often give the same importance to the weirdest corner
cases as they give to the most common case -- if you pardon my

I firmly believe a good collection of sample apps is a key component
of any successful framework, because they show how the framework was
intended to be used better than any documentation.



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