[Grok-dev] I want more recipes, less tutorials...

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Aug 28 05:18:43 EDT 2007

So much reading, so little finding solutions to my specific  
problem... I wish there were more recipes and less tutorials :) I  
often find myself having a specific problem I want to solve. Then I  
read all the documents I can find. I read and read... but my specific  
problem isn't covered, so I should have spent the time experimenting  
instead. :)

   A recipe a day keeps the questions away... :)

What I really mean is that Tutorials and Recipes complement each  
other, but it is easier to cerate and maintain Recipes and then  
compile a bunch of Recipes into a Tutorial than creating Tutorials  
from scratch. And already the Recipe by itself is of great value.

So my suggestion would be to focus the community documentation effort  
on creating and maintaining Recipes rather than Tutorials and putting  
up a goal of publishing a Recipe a day. It would be less time  
consuming, more fun and immensely useful.

Mvh Sebastian


By Recipe I mean a document covering a single problem, with code  
samples. Such as "How do I create a multi-selection listbox widget?".  
I notice this approach is popular in DocTests (thus making them very  
useful, but still there could be more).


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