[Grok-dev] Thoughts on "Hello world!" and other sample apps... (hint pdb.set_trace())

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Aug 28 15:32:44 EDT 2007

I am learning a lot since I started using the PDB debugger. I would  
like to suggest that we add a commented pdb.set_trace() in all the  
simple sample apps just as a reminder to newbies (especially us who  
are unfamiliar with the debugger) that it is easy to use the  
interactive debugger. I understand that it is obvious to most  
seasoned Python developers, but some of us have other backgrounds. :)

Another thing, these eggs are great!!! The Zope 3 source is a lot  
more approachable now than before. Maybe it is just psychological,  
but it has helped me a lot.

Mvh Sebastian

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