[Grok-dev] Heads up: Writing ftests

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Wed Aug 29 13:04:15 EDT 2007

This is a message to developers of grok itself. I just changed the way 
grok's own ftests work. When writing an ftest, you

- *must not* call grok.grok() inside the test anymore. Grok's ftesting
   layer will automatically grok your test fixtures.

- *don't have to* explicitly import your test fixtures anymore if
   they're in the same module. This was a wart of an ancient ftesting
   fixture. This has been rectified for a while now.

So if you have branches of grok out there with new ftests (Uli, I'm 
looking at you :)), make sure that you get this right when merging.

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