[Grok-dev] Adding a image to form_fields

Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke at web.de
Wed Aug 29 14:47:36 EDT 2007

Hi Grokkers,

I want to add images to my animal objects in our zoo game. I want to  
access them in page templates via "context.icon" eg. or any other  
better method.

The images reside in static.

How do I add them?

I have an animal class and want to make subclasses for each breed.  
When an animal of a selected breed is added the predefined image  
shall be assigned to the object. But how?

In the Addform? Or in the class/subclass itself?

And what do I have to define in form_fields?

form_fields = grok.Fields(

Would that be image=URI(…)?


Satiren und Essays

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