[Grok-dev] ReST reference

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Aug 30 00:02:57 EDT 2007

Hi there,

tonight I built a version of the Grok reference from pure ReST files.
The conversion to ReST and generation of HTML was done using the current

The sources are in this branch::


See doc/reference/README.txt for more information.

Some notes:

 - Currently there is no PDF support (they are working on that).

 - The toolchain is using the sphinx-package from docutils, which
   requires Python2.5.

 - I had to patch the stock sphinx-package to generate non-Python docs
   (i.e. docs, which are not the original Python documentation). The 
   patch is included in the above branch (see README.txt in

 - Yet didn't tweak the search function, which still presents the
   original Python search (the search is static/JavaScript only, no 
   server functionality).

 - The ReST files could also be rendered otherwise, but there are lots
   of special 'tags'.

 - The documentation framework could in principle also serve other 
   documentation, tutorials, howtos etc. It was built for that.

 - See the README.txt in the above branch's doc/reference for deeper 
   insights on how to build the reference.

 - Maybe one could build the reference easier using a new ``mkhowto``
   script, but I didn't find one for ReST/Python2.5.

Ah, yes, it looks like this::


Kind regards,


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